Brief Introduction to Little Bird Hotline for Migrant Workers

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Introduction  to Little Bird Mutual-Aid Hotline for Migrant Workers

Little  Bird Hotline is a non-governmental organization which specially provides legal  services for migrant workers. It was founded on June 6th, 1999 in  Beijing, and established branch offices in Shenzhen and Shenyang in April and  October in 2006 respectively, and a hotline was set up in Shanghai in June,  2011. Currently, there are 20 full-time staff, 7 part-time staff, 560 volunteer  lawyers and 4,500 volunteers from the other sectors in Little  Bird.

Besides  providing legal counseling services for migrant workers, Little Bird Hotline,  especially Beijing Little Bird Hotline also deals with labor disputes through  mediation or non-lawsuit procedures to reduce the contradictions between  enterprises and workers to the largest extent and promote a harmonious labor  relationship. Since 2006, Little Bird has been providing trainings on  occupational security and urban integration for migrant workers, teaching them  how to recognize their own roles in the society, master necessary social  etiquettes and useful social public information, learn how to communicate with  employers, and get along well with workmates, know how to work safely and take  precautions against occupational diseases. By doing this, Little Bird can help  migrant workers to better work and live in cities, gain personal developments  and protect their rights and interests.

The  hotline is the channel for Little Bird to communicate with the target  group--migrant workers. And Little Bird has accumulated rich experiences in  publicizing the hotline. By distributing publicity materials, cooperating with  TV station and inviting media to participate into our activity, the target group  can have access to the contact information of Little Bird and find it when they  are in need. By December 31, 2012, Little Bird (4 offices in total) has answered  166,191 calls from migrant workers seeking help in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen  and Shenyang. Since 2004, we distributed 568,100 copies of various publicity  materials, received 96,490 visitors and reclaimed unpaid wages amounted RMB183,  418,370 (approximately USD30, 000,000). Volunteers participated into Little Bird  public activities for 7,097 person times and LB staff wrote working diaries with  5.15 million characters. We have finished 52 projects, raising funds for RMB9.24  million. Little Bird was reported by more than 200 media outlets both at home  and abroad for 1,935 times. There are 418,415 people directly benefited and  713,760 indirectly.


During  the past 14 years, Little Bird provided legal and rights protection services for  individual workers. In August, 2012, we started cooperation with an Irish  company, PCH International, and set up the 4006373885 hotline in its supply  factories. Thereafter, we expanded our work into providing psychological  counseling for fixed number of workers in enterprises, and collecting workers’  views and suggestions to supervise the enterprise to fulfill its social  responsibility. Providing preventative counseling service in advance of a labor  disputes happening between employers and employees has become another core work  of Little Bird Hotline.

Contact  us

Beijing  Office:  Room BA318, North Garden Hotel Office Building, No.218-1 WangfujingAve. Dongcheng District

Tel:  010-68515323  13910506125

Shenzhen  Office: Room  703 Yongnian Building, No 132 Hongbao Street,  LuohuDistrict,Shenzhen

Tel:  0755-28269055 Fax: 0755-25590755


Shenyang  Office: Room  2002, Block CGalaxy  International Building,

No.28  Beizhan Road, ShenheDistrict,Shenyang

Tel:  024-23962662

Fax:  024-23962662


Shanghai  Office: Minhang District, Shanghai

Tel:  021-38790610



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