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November  10, 2011    Thursday   Clear     Liu Ming


People  are easy to be absent-minded whatever we meet. As the old saying goes, ”shoes  must be wet while walking beside the river.” Mr Cao from Shangcai, Henan just met this  problem.

Since  the beginning of the year, Mr Cao together with his 30 worker fellows from the  nearby village have worked in a college construction site located around Circle  3. As an improper estimation of the whole construction, the outputs were  gradually overcoming the inputs. Thus Mr Cao had to pay for workers’ salary by  own wallet. The positive aspect was that after consultation the employer agreed  to increase the construction payment but there was not a definite amount and the  way to increase not being mentioned or even signed in the contract. Now the  construction has been over but half of workers’ salary was not paid. At this  point, the employer has not paid the agreed amount of money. Both workers and  boss made Cao in the middle which made him so puzzled.

Actually,  this situation commonly exists in construction industry. Somebody else always  undertake a construction job under contract. As for the  real employers, on one hand they prevent themselves from employment risks; on  the other hand they could save the cost. Most contractors paid their workers by  day. The industrious workers  always do much than those who loaf on the job, however, all workers are paid the  same. Therefore, the contractors prefer to employ their relatives or friends who  they have get a good realization. Here we can find the reason why the  construction industry is always unions of fellow-workers.

Phone  mediation met a positive result that at the end of the project the employer  could increase payment but the amount having not being  agreed.

The  visitors today are a little bit more, totally 30. Beside 2 job hunters, others  all sought help for wages reclaiming. There are 20 hotline calls with 2 from  outside Beijing.

receiving the migrant worker visitors

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