Journal on Nov 8, 2011

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November  8, 2011    Tuesday    Clear     Sea

Publicity  Materials’ Distribution in a Migrant Children School

This  afternoon we went to Shijingshan Huangzhuang Migrant Children School for publicity materials’  distribution including right-protection brochures and  handbooks.

My  colleague Wang, Nobi, Berry and me after the lunch took our way to Huangzhuang School. It’s been planned that at 2 pm a  volunteer arrived and cooperated with the PE teacher on G-PE education one of  Little Bird’s project activities. We arrived at the school just before the class  beginning so I could help with the class also as well as practice my children’s  training abilities.

We  met a class of grade 6. The volunteer designed some less complicated game for  young students’ all better participation and security while fantastic games. I  made a show-how of basketball shooting for students’ following practice.  Children are born to be naughty especially some boys who began to play wrestling  just later after the practice began. We need to timely stop them for keeping  their security. We also showed some standard ping-pang motions. Time’s limited  or we could teach more to these smart children.

We  divided this class into 4 groups. Indeed, we never thought that primary school  students are such a naughty group and the PE teacher Zhang really helped us a  lot in discipline management. Children are so happy in today’s activities. Some  of them are eager to attend next class.

Our  publicity materials are distributed to students as game winner’s awards thus  students were very exciting to get. Either handbooks or brochures are with great  benefits to migrant children’s parents. We told them to take the book home and  their parents could connect us as soon as labor disputes relating problems  happening.

We  colleagues cooperated well with each other and made this activity successful.  And I hope such activity could be more.

distributing brochures to the migrant children who will then give to  their parents

Key  words: publicity; PE; volunteers

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