Journal on Oct 25, 2011

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US  Ambassador Mr Gary  Locke  Visited Beijing  Little Bird Hotline


Time:  October 25, 2011    March

Place:  Wangfujing, Beijing

Written  by Wei Wei

Key  words:

US  Ambassador in Beijing    NGO     migrant  workers

social  justice       economy  and development

We  spent a busy Monday with the training and meeting……

Tuesday  continued to be busy with training conclusion and daily visits  receiving……

Today  we’d receive a VIP visitor——Mr Gary Locke, theUSAmbassador in Beijing, who this year assumes the  post.

I  took out my suit and tie which I do not get used to wearing except some special  occasions as some international meetings and important receptions. Though living  in Beijing for  so many years, I am till a peasant inside. That is why I prefer to comfortable  clothes as sports ones which could make me free.

Our  colleagues began the conclusion work of yesterday’s training in Daxing District  as soon as arriving at the office. Then I made some coordination work among our  4 offices and a further working plan.

After  the lunch, we discussed about the procedure for receiving Mr Ambassador and the  role of each one in this event. Volunteer lawyer Hou came to our office for  hotline receiving work. Some migrant workers came for rights protection  services. All members filled our office with lively atmosphere.  

At  3 pm, one officer from the US Embassy arrived at our office for  pre-coordination. The property manager of the office building of the hotel  positively helped with security service and proper parking place. At 4 pm, the  ambassador and other officers arrived on time while GW, LM, HL and I welcoming  them at the gate of the hotel. Mr Ambassador kindly shook hands with us. We  walked through the hotel lobby and took elevator directly to our office (the  elevator was temporarily controlled and exclusively used only to make sure Mr  Ambassador’s security).

meeting  with Mr. Ambassador and his colleagues

The  meeting is supposed to last only 30 minutes. I began with the introduction of  Little Bird hotline’s establishment background, my reflection on my own social  role, beginning of my awareness on NGO operating, work coverage and society  support. Mr. Ambassador put some questions about the challenges facing Little  Bird’s existence and thought highly of our work. We also invited two beneficial  migrant workers who briefly introduced their work experience to Mr. Ambassador.  It seemed that Mr. Ambassador had a well understanding about migrant workers’  situation inChina. He spoke highly about migrant  workers’ importance and great contribution toChina’s economic  development, and showed his hope that migrant workers would like their work and  life, well integrate into the urban life and then make more positive impact on  both their family and society. Volunteer Lawyer Hou, with his years of  experience in rights protection, made a brief introduction about his  participating into Little Bird’s work. The ambassador kindly made greetings and  brief communication with all other staff at present.

presenting  a gift to Mr. Ambassador

The  planned 30 minutes’ meeting was prolonged to be 50 minutes. Then we took a group  photo and shook hands for farewell in a pleasant atmosphere.  


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