Little Bird General Introduction

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Little  Bird General Introduction


Little Bird Hotline  Brief Introduction


On June 6, 1999,  the Little Bird Hotline was established in Beijing. It is a public service and non-profit  organization dedicated to offering legal service and urban integration training  to the migrant workers.

From 1999 to 2003,  Little Bird’s daily operations mainly relied on the founder’s individual  investment, scattered social donations, as well as the small money earned by  volunteer workers' collective labor.

In  August 2004, Little Bird and the Beijing Judicial Bureau in Dongcheng District  collaborated to establishChina’s first legal accredited  workers’ mediation committee – the Little Bird People’s Mediation Committee. The  same year, Little Bird received a grant from the Canadian Embassy, the first  international grant received by the organization since its  founding.

In April  2006, with assistance from the German Embassy, Little Bird opened its second  office in Shenzhen. That October, thanks to a grant from Misereor,Germany, Little Bird opened a third office in  Shenyang.

As of  June 6, 2011, Little Bird’s three offices have answered a total of 150,299  hotline calls, received a total of 50,353 visitors, reclaimed 126,427,857 CNY in  unpaid wages or compensations for migrant workers (roughly 20 million USD) and  been reported by over 100 domestic and international media outlets for about  2000 times.

On June  6, 2011, Little Bird’s 12-year anniversary, the organization opened its fourth  office in Shanghai with the financial assistance of the  American Bar Association. This has fundamentally allowed Little Bird to  establish a presence in the four major economic regions ofChina– the Northeast, North China, Central China  and Southern China. The goal is to reach 3.5  million workers through the establishment of an inter-city platformproviding 10,000  migrant workers with legal services every year.

From  2004 to 2011, Little Bird has successively received a total of 7,448,189 CNY in  financial assistance from 18 international organizations with 32 projects  implemented or being underway. These projects involve in legal consulting  service by hotline, legal training, urban integration training, occupational  diseases prevention training, migrant children education, media utilization  skills training, lawyer volunteers network building and NGO capacity building  etc..

Little  Bird employs 16 full-time staff and 11 part-time staff. Additionally, the  organization employs the services of 560 volunteer lawyers and over 4,500  regular volunteers.

Contact  us:

Beijing Office:  

Add:  Room BA 318 North  Garden Hotel Office  Building, No. 218-1 Wangfujing Ave, Beijing 100006 P.R.C

Tel:  010-68515323

Fax:  010-65228155



Shenzhen  Office:

Add:  Room 703 Yongnian  Building, No. 130 Hongbao  Street, Luohu District, Shenzhen 518001  P.R.C

Tel:  0755-28269055

Fax:  0755-25590755



Shenyang Office:  

Add:  Room 2002, Block C, Galaxy  International Building, No.28 Beizhan Road, Shenhe District,  Shenyang 110013  P.R.C

Tel:  024-23962662



Shanghai  Office:

Add:  Room 507, Block C, Tomson  Center, Zhangyang Road,  Pudong New District, Shanghai, 200120  P.R.China

Tel:  021—38790610



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