Comprehensive work Report(May 2011)

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Little Bird Comprehensive Report --- May  2011




From May 1 – May 31, 2011, Beijing Little Bird received 312 hotline calls; among  these, 245 involved legal advices for migrant workers, 4 involved dispute resolutions,  while other issues (including employers, volunteers, and social concerns)  comprised the remaining 63 calls. There were 34 long-distance calls, or about  11% of total calls. On average, the office answered 10 calls a day. 83% of  callers were male, while the remaining 17% were female. Since the office’s  founding, it has already answered 126,766 calls.


In May 2011,  Shenzhen Little Bird received 184 calls, with 91 calls relating to rights  protection and legal advice, 13 relating to job seeking, and remaining 80  relating to volunteers and social concerns. On average, the office answered 6  calls a day. From April 6, 2004 to May 31, 2011, the Shenzhen office answered  20,598 calls, with 15,781 involving rights protection and legal advice (77% of  total calls), 420 calls involving job hunting (2% of total calls) and the  remaining 4,397 relating to volunteers and others (21% of total  calls).


During the month  of May, Shenyang Little Bird received 168 calls, of which 24 involved rights  protection and legal aid, 7 involved job hunting while the remaining 137  involved employers, volunteers, and social concerns. From October 2006 to May  2011, Shenyang’s office answered a total of 6040 calls, of which 1947 involved  unpaid salary reclaim and legal advice (32.36% of total calls), 820 involved job  hunting (13.57% of total calls) and the remaining 3273 involved volunteers and  other businesses.


From May 1 – 31,  2011, the Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shenyang offices answered  664 calls in total, with 360 involving legal aid, 24 involving job hunting and  the remaining 280 relating to seeking work, volunteers and social concerns.  Since 1999, the three offices have answered a total of 153,404  calls.


Visitors’  Reception


This month, the  Beijing office  received a total of 146 visitors; 57  visitors sought rights protection, 46 related to volunteers, 2 dealt with job  hunting and other social visiting comprised the businesses of the remaining 41  visitors. On average, the office saw 5 visitors a day. Since 2006, the Beijing office has  received a total of 15,302 visitors.


In the month of  May, the Shenzhen office received 53 visitors, of which 31 dealt with dispute  resolution, 4 dealt with job hunting, 10 related to volunteers and the remaining  8 dealt with other businesses. From April 2006 to May 2011, the Shenzhen office  has received 6,294 visitors, of which 4,339 sought rights protection and aid,  316 concerned job-hunting, and the remaining 1,639 related to volunteers and  other visitors.


This month, the  Shenyang office  received 41 visitors, with 33 volunteers and the remaining 8 of other visitors.  Since October 2006, the Shenyang branch has received 1859 visitors, of  which 200 sought legal aids and assistance, and 1461 were volunteers and other  social visitors.


The three  offices of Little Bird received a total of 240 visitors this month, of which 88  sought rights protection, 89 volunteer work, 6 sought dispute resolution and 57  dealt with other businesses. Since 2006, the offices have received 23,455  visitors in total.


Rights  Protection Summary


The Beijing office dealt with  21 rights protection cases during the month of May. 11 cases involved mediation,  including one on-the-scene case, 6 legal aid cases, and 3 cases involving the  assistance of volunteer lawyers. In total, the cases involved 77 migrant  workers, and a total of 39,050 Yuan in unpaid salary was reclaimed. Since the  establishment of the Little Bird Mediation Committee on August 24, 2004, the  office has already put in 2,488 days of service and solved 2,591 cases,  including 1,820 salary compensation cases and 766 legal aid cases. In total,  these cases have involved 25,908 people, and since the committee’s founding, a  total of 87,920,723.45 Yuan in unpaid salary has been  reclaimed.


During the month  of May, the Shenzhen office received a total of 7 rights protection cases  involving 339,000 Yuan and 144 people. The office resolved 6 cases during the  month, reclaiming a total of 392,000 Yuan. As of May 31, 2011, 9 cases are  remained unresolved, including an application for legal aid. Since April 2006,  the Shenzhen branch has received a total of 4,339 visitors for legal advice and  rights protection cases. In helping workers claim their salary, overtime wages  and work-related injury compensation, the office has reclaimed a total of 27,  096,364.18 Yuan.


During the month  of May, the Shenyang office received 3 cases all relating  to legal assistance and involving a total of 102 people and 980,000 Yuan, or an  average of 9,607.84 Yuan per person. In total, the office helped to reclaim  125,000 Yuan of unpaid salary. From October 12, 2006 to May 31, 2011, this  office has received a total of 293 cases, including 229 legal assistance cases,  and involving 1140 people and 7,211,160 Yuan, or an average of 6,325.58 per  person. In total, the office has reclaimed 2,931,650 Yuan of unpaid  salary.


In May 2011, the  three offices of Little Bird received 31 cases involving 179 people, and  reclaimed a total of 556,050 Yuan of unpaid salary. Since 2004, Little Bird has  helped reclaim 117,948,737.63 Yuan of unpaid salary.


Volunteer  Recruitment


The Beijing office introduced  24 new volunteers in the month of May, of which the majorities were individuals  with legal background and students of higher learning. Since the organization’s  founding, a total of 4,942 volunteers have joined the Beijing  office.

In May, the  Shenzhen branch introduced 21 new volunteers, all of whom were workers. Since  April 2006, the Shenzhen branch has recruited 1,142 volunteers, including 241  volunteer lawyers.


In May,  Shenyang  recruited 17 volunteers, including 13 students, 1 worker fellow and 3 others.  Since October 2006, the Shenyang office has recruited 564 volunteers,  of whom 50 are volunteer lawyers.


In May of this  year, the three offices recruited a total of 62 volunteers. Since the founding  of the organization, we have recruited a total of 6,648  volunteers.




In May, the  Beijing office  wrote a total of 24,432 characters with the help of 5 contributors. This included 2 pages of supplementary journal entries  regarding fieldwork.


In  May, the Shenzhen office wrote a total of 28,392 characters with the help of 6  contributors, and including 6 pages of supplementary journal  entries.


In  May, the Shenyang office wrote a total of 24,107  characters with the help of 5 contributors.


Project  Activities




The “Training  Migrant Workers to Sign Contracts” project, financed by the German Embassy, was  carried out for a second time on May 27.

The “Rights  Protection Volunteer Lawyers Training” project, funded by the German  Rosa-Luxembourg Foundation, was launched on May 28.

The  “Children’s Kung Fu Training” project, financed by Right to Play,Canada, continued to be held at the Huangzhuang Migrant Children School.

The “Capacity  Building Training” project, financed by the International Republican Institute  of America was held from May 18-20. Representatives from Xi’an, Zhejiang, Shenyang and Beijing attended.



The  “Occupational Safety Education Training” activity continued to be held. This  month, that group activity was conducted 5 times, mainly in Baoan District and  Longgang District. Workers and distribution centers were given copies of the  “Occupational Health and Safety Handbook,” the “Urban Integration Handbook for  Migrant Women” and protective materials, including surgical masks and protective  gloves. All of these were provided to workers in all industries in the  neighboring districts for their use.




Shenyang  Little Bird continued to collaborate with the local radio station that  provided Little Bird with assistance in rights protection cases. Migrant workers  were provided aid in a most direct and effective manner through calling hotline  during the radio program. At the same time, the organization’s employees  continued to distribute copies of the “Workers’ Urban Integration Handbook” and  “mutual help cards” at work sites, workers’ places of residence and the labor  markets, as well as launching relating law-popularization training, all of which  are very popular among the workers.

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