On-site Labor Disputes Mediation (April 25, 2012)

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On-site Labor Disputes Mediation (April 25, 2012)



On April 25, 2012, 2 migrant workers from Shengyini Clothes Manufacturing Plant of Demaozhuang in Daxing District, Beijing, came to Little Bird’s office seeking help. They told Little Bird that they and the other 33 workers have worked for more than 2 months since entering this factory in February and were refused to pay wages by the boss unless they accepted the boss’ extremely unreasonable demand of deducting money from their wages. They also said that they left the factory because the factory didn’t work well and they couldn’t gain enough money to maintain their basic life. However, the boss said he would deduct 20 yuan from each worker’s wages each day when they left. To reclaim their legal full payment, they came to Little Bird. After their description of their case, the staff of Rights Protection Section in LB, Wang Guoliang, called their boss. Through the mediation on telephone, the boss agreed to cut 5 yuan for each person each day, but the workers didn’t agree with that result and insisted to get the full pay. So the employee called the Little Bird and asked for an on-site mediation. Wang Guoliang and the volunteer lawyer Wang Haiyong went to the factory for the mediation. Firstly, lawyer Wang indicated the inappropriate behavior of the factory-no labor contract signed, and no social insurance for the workers, and told to the boss that he would pay more for the workers through lawsuit if the mediation failed… At the time when this case was about to be solved successfully, the staff of labor inspection of Jiugong Town in Daxing District came to the factory, who then worked together with Little Bird to deal with this case and help 35 workers get back their due salary. Finally, more than RMB150, 000 of unpaid wages was successfully reclaimed and this collective labor disputes were resolved. The time was 22:30 pm.


When Wang Guoliang and Lawyer Wang Haiyong returned home, it was mid-night at 24:00 pm. However, all the efforts was worthy for protecting the due rights of the migrant workers.


The Anxious Workers


Ferocious Watchdog in the Factory


Accounting the Salary for Each Worker


Workers Get their Back Pay Happily


Group Photo for the Worker Beneficiaries and LB Mediators

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