Conclusion Meeting of the Project on Capacity Building Training for Chinese Labor NGOs’ United Right

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Conclusion Meeting of  the Project on Capacity Building Training for Chinese Labor NGOs’  United Rights Protection Campaign

August 1, 2013ChinaDevelopment  Brief

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Worker Representatives of the  Participants

Mr. Wei Wei is making a  summary statement

In the afternoon of July  29, 2013, Little Bird Mutual-Aid Hotline for Migrant Workers held the conclusion  meeting of the Project on Capacity Training for Chinese Labor NGOs’United Rights  Protection Campaign. A total of 58 representatives participated in this meeting  including the beneficiaries of migrant workers, lawyers, NGOs, the  representatives of associations from higher institutions and the enterprises.  


In the meeting, Little  Bird Mutual-Aid Hotline for Migrant Workers has shared the project’s  implementation progress with all the participants which further enhanced  people’s understanding of the 10 labor NGOs from nine cities, namely, Shenyang,  Beijing, Shanghai, Shiyan, Chongqing, Yongkang, Shenzhen, Fanyu and Foshan.  Since May of 2012, the 10 labor NGOs have been publicizing their basic service  information including human input, the number of receiving hotlines and visits,  the amount of wages that were claimed back, the number of direct beneficiaries  and other indicators, all together 10, through the media. By doing so, a  inter-city network of mutual aid platform which provides free legal services for  migrant workers is established. Furthermore, the platform also increases the  transparence of labor NGOs’ work, reduces their sensitivity and improves their  social credibility. It enables the labor NGOs to better service the migrant  workers and also effectively promotes the development of Chinese civil  society.


Besides, the  representatives from Narada Foundation, Misereor Germany, Canada Fund,  PILnet(The Global Network for Public Interest Law), Embassy of United States of  America in China, Embassy of France in China, Embassy of Japan in China and  Embassy of Switzerland in China also participated in this conclusion meeting and  made good interactions with the present labor NGOs,whichprovides a good fund raising platform to other NGOs. Therefore  more NGOs are able to present a benign development trend.


This project is funded  by AusAID. According to statistics, since March of 2012, this project was  reported by 11 media for 45 times. The ten labor NGOs answered 34,457 hotlines,  received 8,340 people’s visits, helped 65,359 migrant workers claim back their  unpaid wages amounting to RMB 100,998,182.96(US  16,462,704).

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