The Construction Workers’ Summer

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The Construction Workers’ Summer

Yu  Xue, correspondent from Legal Weekly


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The  safety accident caused by hot weather emerged one after another in this burning  hot summer.

 On  June 18th, a construction worker from a construction site on  Puxing  Road in Minghang District in Shanghai died of heat  exhaustion. Not very long after that, a construction worker from Hongxing  International construction site in Cangshan District in Fuzhou of Fujian  province died because of working overtime in the outdoor at the high  temperature.

 This  is not an uncommon phenomenon among the construction workers. Statistics shows  that at least 40 people died of sunstroke at high temperature in 2010 in many places ofChina, and most of them were  construction workers.

   Wei Wei,a NGO worker, told the correspondent from the Legal Weekly that the  Little Bird Hotline, founded by him, recently finished more than 4000  investigation questionnaires which show that most of the construction workers  didn’t get the high temperature subsidies. Besides, the power supply voltage is  under 200 volt in many dormitories on the construction sites, which means that  the workers can’t use electric fans or air conditioners for  cooling.

 “There  is no hot water supplied on construction site and the workers can only(fetch  some cold water to wash themselves)have a shower in the bathroom. For those  elder workers, it is very easy to cause heart attack and to die if they suddenly  use the cold water at the high temperature.” Wei Wei said. He thinks that the  biggest problem is that most of the construction workers didn’t sign the labor  contract with the employers to protect their rights.

   Wang Dezhi, the founder of Migrant Workers’ Home, a non-governmental  organization said to the correspondent from Legal Weekly that there are still  many construction workers who didn’t know the importance of the labor contract.  Sometimes, the construction party doesn’t complete the contract until the  workers sign their names first. And there are also subcontracts on construction  site which will possibly conceal the real information of the construction party  to the workers.

   Currently,  the non-governmental organizations of Wei Wei and Wang Dezhi often distribute  the handbooks about legal knowledge, provide short-time training or performances  on the construction sites to enhance workers’ rights protection awareness.  

   On June 29th of 2012, the Measures for Heatstroke Prevention and  Cooling Management was released and the interim provisions of 1960 was  abolished. The new methods not only extended the scope of protection for  laborers, but also labeled a clear boundary line of labor taboo at high  temperature. For instance, if the top temperature reached to 40 degrees, the  outdoor operations should be stopped.

     However, it seems that there are difficulties to actually implement the more  detailed and specific new methods. From Wei Wei and Wang Dezhi’s perspectives,  construction workers’ summer crisis still exists.

      A staff from the safety office of Beijing Housing and Urban and Rural  Construction Committee told the correspondent that they asked the construction  party to equip hygiene and emergency facilities. The safety office will take  actions when the requirements delivered to the large-scaled construction site.  “There are thousands of construction sites in Beijing, it is impossible for us to directly go  to the construction sites to publicize.”

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